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next competition:
saturday, Sept. 14, 2024

registration now open!!!

2023 amateur & Pro champions

STeps to compete
1: Purchase NANBF or IPE Membership Card (if you haven't already) - direct link on next tab

2: Submit Entry Form -  on next tab 

3: Book Hotel / Tanning / Hair & Makeup (if needed) - info on next tab

the show to get discovered!!!
EVERY competitor will have the option of being submitted to Chicago's very own Lily's Talent Agency!!!
Will you be the next one to catch their eye and get the opportunity of a lifetime for feature films, major print campaigns and/or live productions???

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The Yearly "Murry Inspirational Award"



December of 2019 we were hit with the devastating news that our 2019 Amateur Overall Men's Physique Champion, Michael Murry, had suddenly passed away.


Mike was a true inspiration to each and every person that he knew and was a great Ambassador for Natural Bodybuilding. He used health and fitness as his platform to help others escape the lifestyle he used to be caught up in. We all knew how passionate he was about bodybuilding...but helping others was his main objective.


We had the privilege of watching him win his IPE Pro-Qualification at our 2019 Windy City Natural, then he went on to win the 2019 IPE Pro Master's World Championships! So...we will be keeping his memory alive every year with the "Murry Inspiration Award".

Coverage from CBS News:

competition posing suits
Men's Bodybuilding & Classic Physique

Women's Bikini, Figure, Physique & Bodybuilding


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Highlights Over The Years

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